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Transform Your Construction Projects with Lean Construction Training

In the fast-paced world of construction, efficiency, waste reduction, and maintaining quality are critical goals. Construction projects are often complex and involve numerous stakeholders, making it essential to find solutions that streamline processes and optimize resource utilization. Our new Lean Construction course is designed to address these challenges. It offers a unique blend of practical insights and strategies for identifying and addressing inefficiencies in project planning, scheduling, and execution. This course is ideal for subtrade contractors, general contractors, forepersons, supervisors, project managers, coordinators, and business owners.

Why Choose Lean Construction?

Lean construction is about more than just eliminating waste—it’s about project success. According to the Lean Construction Institute, projects with high lean intensity are more likely to be completed three times ahead of schedule and two times under budget. This approach not only avoids delays and budget overruns but also ensures projects are completed on time, within budget, and up to standard. By focusing on continuous improvement and maximizing value, our course empowers you to revolutionize your construction processes.

Why Lean Construction Is Essential for Your Business

In an industry facing labor shortages and increasing competition, adopting lean construction principles can be the difference between success and failure. Our course prepares you to navigate these challenges, ensuring your projects are profitable, efficient, and of the highest quality. Money saved through efficiency also allows for reinvestment into the business, creating opportunities for growth and expansion. Implementing lean construction practices can lead to improved client satisfaction and increased referrals, further contributing to the success of your business.

Lean Construction Course Features

  • Lean Principles Masterclass: Dive into the lean construction process with key concepts like lean principles, Last Planner System, and lean team culture. Understand how batching and pull affect production, and master Pull Planning for real-world applications.
  • Teamwork and Planning: Learn to align with contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers with effective plans and winning strategies.
  • Standard Work, Stellar Results: Minimize errors and inefficiencies. Our course guides you through safety-enhancing, collaboration-focused methods, based on real-life scenarios.
  • Practical Hands-On Training: Tackle job site challenges with our practical simulations designed to mirror actual job site conditions.
  • Efficient and Intensive: Complete the course in just one day! You’ll receive six hours of immersive training.
  • Flexible Schedule: Starting February 13, 2024, the course is offered in person at our Edmonton office plus online – options to suit your busy schedule. If you’re not available for the February class, not to worry, more LEAN sessions take place April 24 and June 20.

By enrolling in our Lean Construction course, you’re not just learning new skills; you’re transforming your approach to construction. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, improve your business’s profitability, or simply deliver outstanding projects, implementing lean construction can help you achieve your goals. Embrace lean construction and be better equipped to meet the ever-changing demands of the construction industry and stay ahead of the competition.

Join Us Today: Your First Step Towards Lean Mastery

Are you ready to boost your business’s profitability and project efficiency? Enroll in our affordable Lean Construction course today and embark on a journey of continuous improvement and exceptional project delivery. Join us in-class, in Edmonton:

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Meet the Facilitator

Martin Valkenburg CM-Lean, P.GSC, NCSO, RSE

Martin has a whole list of qualifications to help you transform your construction projects:

  • he holds a CM-Lean designation
  • is a member of the Lean Construction Institute
  • an accredited Instructor with the Associated General Contractors Lean Construction Education Program
  • is a Professional Gold Seal Certified Supervisor (Superintendent General Contracting) through the Canadian Construction Association
  • a construction operations and quality specialist with over 30 years of experience focusing on quality, continuous improvement, Lean thinking & implementation, and strategic planning
  • has over 8 years of experience as a consultant and instructor, leading numerous organizations through Lean transformations, quality system implementation and process optimization
  • has coached & facilitated the implementation of Lean construction tools and methodologies on many projects, has trained hundreds of construction professionals and continues to develop programs that improve project outcomes industry wide

    Get set on the right track with Martin!