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Our Learning Centre is filled with exclusive content for our OpenCircle Members. Offerings include in-class, instructor-led online, and self-paced learning to give you the flexibility to learn on a schedule that fits your needs.

Imagine our Supervisor Training Program (STP) experts delivering targeted training right at your workplace or at a nearby venue in your community.

This kind of focused approach ensures your supervisors learn from experienced professionals in an in-person class setting, have the opportunity to share their personal insights and experiences, and best of all — are able to connect with their peers.

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Supervisors and Project Co-ordinators play an integral role on the worksite. Although you may have more experience than the employees you supervise, you may not have the leadership knowledge or adequate skillset to ensure your success. The courses in this program will help build the skills you need so you become effective in your role.

This training program has been designed to help you become a more effective supervisor in the construction industry. By training you in the various aspects of successful communication, productivity, and time management – among other things – this course will help you build the skills necessary to expertly coach, connect with, and create a safe and respectful working environment for your team.

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November 7    Register here

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*Participants will earn 5 Gold Seal credits, 33 Blue Seal hours upon successful completion of this program*

To have us come to your company to train your employees in person, please contact learning@opencircle.ca

Effective leadership is both challenging and highly demanding. Managing communication, budgets, and schedules can be a daunting task without an experienced and dedicated leader. This program was designed for supervisors, managers, forepersons, and project managers  to enhance the skills required to lead in today’s complex and diverse work environment.

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March 26 – April 23, 2024  Register here

*Participants will earn 5 Gold Seal credits, 27 Blue Seal hours upon successful completion of this program*

To have us come to your company to train your employees in person, please contact learning@opencircle.ca

This on-line  course introduces valuable tools and techniques that will assist Project Co-ordinators in their daily activities and prepare them for the transition to Project Manager.

Designed for the Construction Project Co-ordinator, new-to-role Project Managers, Safety Co-ordinators and new-to-role Estimators.

For further inquires, send an email to learning@opencircle.ca.

*Participants will earn 3 Gold Seal credits upon successful completion of this program*

There are many misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental health issues and often construction and trades people suffer in silence. Below are just a few of OpenCircle’s courses that help bring awareness and understanding of mental health in the workplace.

People leaders play a pivotal role within the organization by helping to create an environment that promotes mental health. This includes addressing behaviour and performance issues effectively and sensitively. This program encourages people leaders to take an active role in preserving and enhancing workplace well-being.

This program also explores the people leaders’ responsibilities towards individuals, the team and the business during each stage. People leaders get to explore their role and scope of influence in promoting mental health in the workplace.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of sustaining a mentally healthy workplace
  • Describe the best practices outlined in the stages of workplace mental health support
  • Identify and locate resources for support

This is a virtual, self-paced course.  Register here

The Workplace Mental Health Leadership™ certificate program is the first of its kind in Canada, developed in partnership with the Bell Canada Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair and Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University. This 2-day certificate program focuses on fostering leadership practices and competencies that support the development of a mentally healthy workplace. It equips leaders to effectively respond to and manage mental health challenges in the workplace.

Next course dates:

November 7 & 16  Register here

November 21 & 23  Register here

This six-module program is designed by Telus Health to help employees expand their awareness of mental health so they can maintain their own mental health and offer a bridge to support for co-workers experiencing a mental disorder or temporary mental health problem. Modules include What is Good Mental Health, Reducing Stigma, and Exploring Emotional Intelligence.

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