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OHS Law Masterclass

Practical Guidance for Evolving Risks: OHS Update for 2022

This one-day event on September 20th is offered by Canadian Occupational Safety. It contains 4.67 technical hours and may be eligible for BCRSP CPD points.

OHS Law Masterclass has been designed to provide health and safety leaders with a comprehensive update on the latest developments in OHS law and share the strategic legal insights you need to stay compliant and reduce risks.

Top OHS lawyers will help safety professionals address critical topics such as heightened OHS liability and responsibilities, OHS and workers compensation issues related to remote and hybrid work environments, and tools for managing the law surrounding mental health issues in the workplace

As OHS legislation continues to evolve across Canada, it is crucial to have direction from experienced legal professionals who can help organizations know their rights and obligations. Join OHS at this year’s masterclass for the latest legal updates and guidance from leaders in the law.