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Workforce Development with OpenCircle

The nature of business is evolving. The modern workplace demands well-rounded skillsets that can be transferred across all of life’s roles, and to roles that may not exist yet …but… traditional training programs often come up short.

Our workforce development strategies link the concepts of Better Work and Better Lives. These strategies will equip Members with the resources to nurture, develop and hone the talent and competencies that exist in their workforce, while remaining competitive and informed in their ever-changing markets.

We facilitate Members’ Knowing. As a trusted conduit between Members and government, OpenCircle keeps Members informed with critical updates on the public policies that impact their businesses. We represent Member interests to government leaders and policymakers, maintaining awareness of the issues impacting businesses today with a view to achieve a Better Work environment.

We facilitate Members’ Learning. OpenCircle is dedicated to developing the skilled and diverse workforce of our future. Through robust learning opportunities, including courses and partnerships, Members and their employees can create enhanced and transferable competencies and skillsets — to optimize achievement in current roles while creating pathways for new roles and contribute to Better Work.

We support and enrich people’s Living. We’re about people. Employers. Employees. Families. Our workforce development services supercharge the relationship between all three. When families are thriving, employees are thriving. When employees are thriving, employers succeed. Programs like mentorship, mental health awareness, wellness, linkages to services and providers that support family life, and services like HR consultations deepen the relationships that really matter.