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Building Blocks for Positive Mental Health

This is a free, interactive, self-directed eLearning course provided to you by OpenCircle through LifeWorks. Click on the modules below to sign up for each building block for positive mental health.

This program is designed to help employees expand their awareness of mental health so they can maintain their own mental health and offer a bridge to support for co-workers experiencing a mental disorder or temporary mental health problem.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • according to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, a person’s mental health fluctuates across a four-phase continuum. Learn about the behaviours exhibited and appropriate actions to take at each phase of the continuum
  • explore the main components of total health including work-life balance, mental health and financial health.
  • identify your unique strengths and areas where your mental fitness could be improved with the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Meter
  • explore the mental health resources available to employees

To sign up for each module and to find out more about each Building Block, click on the links below:

Module 1 – What is good mental Health, approx. 15 mins

Module 2 – Myths and Realities of Mental Disorders, approx. 15 mins

Module 3 – Reducing Stigma, approx. 15 mins

Module 4 – Exploring Emotional Intelligence, approx. 15 mins

Module 5 – Resiliency and Stress Management, approx. 15 mins

Module 6 – Assisting Others and Asking for Help, approx. 15 mins